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27 September, 2021
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In São Pedro do Corval, in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz, in the district of Évora in Alentejo, there is a clay that is already ready to work.This red clay is decorated with floral themes and country scenes such as planting, harvesting and picking olives.Nowadays we find pieces with blue bottoms, which have designs carved patiently by spikes.This ceramic is a utility pottery that can b...
19 September, 2021
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Coimbra, in the center of Portugal, has produced ceramics for many centuries and possesses the oldest written document related to national ceramics.The pottery of Coimbra represents the Eastern tradition - porcelains of China that was brought back by the sailors during the time of the discoveries - and also the influence of the Arab style.Since 1960 there have also been produced ceramics inspired ...
7 September, 2021
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A long time ago, a Galician pilgrim was passing through Portugal on his way to Santiago de Compostela to honour a vow. On reaching Barcelos, he decided to spend the night at an inn. The townsfolk, who were up in arms over a crime for which they could not find the culprit, accused the poor pilgrim who, despite protesting his innocence, was imprisoned and sentenced to death by hanging.For his last w...