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Portuguese Sardine

Portuguese Sardine
24 April, 2024

Roasted sardines are the obligatory dish at the big São João festival in Porto. There is no table at the S. João festival on the 24th of June that does not have the famous grilled sardines, which is why it is quite representative of the Porto region.

S. João is a popular festival full of traditions, including leeks and plastic hammers, used to hit the heads of people passing by, as well as the launch of hot air balloons.

Sardines caught off the Portuguese coast are the only species of fish in the entire Iberian Peninsula that obtains quality certification, in response to concerns about the sustainability of resources. Portuguese sardines are legally fished in almost fifty shipments on average across the country.

Portugal has a long tradition in the production of canned sardines, with the first factory of this nature established in its territory at the end of the 19th century.

During the first half of the 20th century, this industry experienced a great expansion, due to its subsidiarity in relation to the war industry.

During the period corresponding to the Second World War, Portugal was the world's main producer of canned sardines.

In our store you can find sardines made of handmade fabric or hand-painted ceramics with a predominance of the 17th century Coimbra style.

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