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26 May, 2024

The swallow is a symbol of Portuguese culture and it is very common to see them hanging on the facades of Portuguese houses.

Swallows are migratory birds. These amazing birds have variable colors and shapes. Their arrival in Portugal means the beginning of spring and also the beginning of the mating season. These black-winged and black-tailed birds have a characteristic that differentiates them from other birds, because they always return to the same place where they previously made their nest.

The diet of most swallow species is based on insects that they capture in flight. Without the help of swallows, insects could cause enormous damage by destroying agricultural crops. Swallows normally migrate to North Africa to obtain food. In the colder and rainier months of Portugal, they look for warmer places where they can find the insects they feed on.

This birds also have a single partner throughout their lives. For this reason, they have become for many a symbol of love, family, fidelity and loyalty.

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